TriMik Sports is a Bermuda based sports and and active wear company that provides quality, affordable workout gear for both men and women. Owners Katrina Darrell and Damika Swan have been active for the past number of years and truly believe that exercise is one of the best things to be fit, and healthy.

 TriMik Sports aligns their business with fitness fashion; the trend that consists in combining physical activities and healthy lifestyles with the interest and use of sportswear apparel. They believe fashionable apparel that not only looks but feels good will keep you motivated.


EAT to nourish your body. 

IGNORE the doubters 

YOU are worth more than you realize!

Brand Ambassador

Jay III x TriMik Sports

"Living a healthy, active lifestyle has always been essential for me as an athlete. Being comfortable plays an essential role for me in my day to day as I am usually either between training sessions, work, the studio or on-stage performing.


In 2019 I began a partnership with Bermuda based TriMik Sports, as it embodied both strength and the balanced healthy lifestyle I desired for my personal needs and Jay III brand. This partnership represents the synergies between two businesswomen and their brands, helping to create growth, recognition and influence both here in Bermuda and internationally."

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